What we’ll do with your support

Your help is essential to enable us to continue to care for those in need, to assist patients and family members and to carry out scientific research, so important for the well-being of all.

Choosing NeMO Clinical Center means believing in the future and wanting to change the history of neuromuscular diseases
It means investing in research and providing clinical, care and psychological support to improve the quality of life of those who rely on us.




Thanks to research we change the history of neuromuscular diseases

“When Cecilia was 7 months old she started gene therapy that immediately gave excellent results, results that we shared with the whole NeMO team because they were and are part of our journey. Being the mother of a child with disabilities is difficult, but I’ve learned that there is always sunshine if you want to look for it”

Veronica, Cecilia’s mother

Watch the full video (IT) of Veronica’s testimony, a mother full of love and strength.

Give assistance, support and care to those who experience a neuromuscular pathology

Thanks to your support, we can continue to take care of those in need.

Discover all the ways to support NeMO

Thanks to all the people who believed in us we opened 7 Centres in Italy, provided hundreds of thousands of services and helped many patients like Veronica.

Let’s help them together: you have many ways to support us, with you we can change the history of neuromuscular diseases.

Assign your 5x1000

Assign your 5x1000 to Fondazione Serena Onlus, the managing body of NeMO Clinical Center, by entering our fiscal code 05042160969 and your signature. It’s a simple and free gesture that makes the difference!

Help us with your company

Involve your company to support all NeMO clinical centers or those closest to you, with initiatives and activities to be carried out together.

Donate medical equipment

Help us take care of our patients to the fullest, by donating the latest generation of tools you can help significantly improve the lives of those we care for.

Choose the supportive favors

Bring solidarity on your special day, with the favors of NeMO Clinical Center you can make an extra gesture of love supporting the future of research and care.

Sign for a joint bequest

The solidarity legacy is a gesture of great generosity, an extraordinary resource with which you can remain alongside research and care, forever.

Make a donation in memory

Remember a loved one with a special gesture that will remain in time, to allow their memory to live in the people we care for every day.

Contact us to support NeMO

Hi, I’m Paola Tomasi, head of fundraising for NeMO Clinical Center.

Write me for information on how to support our activities: I will be happy to answer all your questions.

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