Clinical research

Knowledge, takeover and research on neuromuscular diseases is constantly evolving.

Today, new drug treatments, new technologies and protocols are available and are concretely changing people’s quality of life.

 An open challenge that witnesses  NeMO network at the forefront, in active collaboration with the national and international network of Centers, associations and Companies, to ensure continuity between care and research.

Studi clinici
active clinical
Studi di ricerca tecnologica
research studies
Dispositivo tecnologico brevettato
patented technological device
Pubblicazioni scientifiche

Research goals

We are a point of reference for care and research

As a clinical center we deal with neurodegenerative and neuromuscular diseases, both in the field of care and assistance and in the field of clinical and technological research.

These pathologies have a great impact on the lives of patients and their families.

We strive to ensure that people who rely on us have a good life quality and do not feel alone in their path with the disease, that’s why we study and treat diseases with a multidisciplinary approach and with great attention to innovation.

 The main pathologies we deal with are ALS, SMA, Muscular Dystrophy and polyneuropathies.

The importance of clinical studies and trials

Clinical studies are a fundamental part of the research, because they help us to understand if and how much a new treatment is effective in treating a pathology and improving the quality of life of the patient.
Each clinical trial is dedicated to a specific target and conducted according to highly controlled scientific processes.
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Technology at the daily service of those in need

NEMOLAB is the technological hub for the research and development of highly innovative and technological solutions to meet the needs of those living with a neurodegenerative disease or a disability.

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