Who we treat

Who we treat

In the NeMO clinical centers we accompany those who have a neuromuscular and neurodegenerative pathology throughout their life and at every stage of the disease from diagnosis and rehabilitation to checks and follow-up.

We stand by the patient and their family

We take care of the little ones from the moment of diagnosis and accompany them on their journey of life, we support the elderly and caregivers to face the advancement of pathologies and we take care of adolescents and adults to help them live with the disease.

Families facing the experience of a rare and complex disease also experience NeMO Clinical Center as an opportunity to meet and share with professionals and other families.

That’s why NeMO is home, where you feel welcomed and supported in the realization of your life project.

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Dona assistenza, supporto e cura a chi vive una patologia neuromuscolare

Grazie al tuo sostegno possiamo continuare a prenderci cura di chi ha bisogno.